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Competition Vs Recreational Free Diving

Free diving is a form of underwater diving that does not involve the use of scuba gear but relies on the diver’s ability to hold breath.  For many, free diving is done competitively which can often be known as Static Breath Holding.  Free diving is a sport loved by many but the difference between free diving for competition and diving for recreation are tremendous.  Static breath holding one competition form of free diving has a world record of 17 minutes 9 seconds underwater but being a competition and a sport there are rules to sports.  The competitors are aloud 30 of pure oxygen before they make the attempt.  With that said, recreational free divers just dive.  They don’t want fame, fortune, or world records.  Recreational free divers dive, for lack of a better word “Recreation”.  To stay in shape, do what they love, see cool things that’s why recreational divers dive.  Another type of free diving world record called Constant Weight Apnea (apnea meaning holding your breath) was set by William Trubridge diving 100 meters into the deep blue sea.  That’s deep.  There are many types of free diving and various different world records in each type.   Next time you see a new world free dive record set see who set it and what category it was under.