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Fatal Shark Attacks Frequenting the Australian West Coast.

Four deaths in seven months “Were Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!”


Deep Deep Diving Staring “James Cameron”

James Cameron (Director of Avatar, Titanic) has made an historic dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest point on earth on March 25th 2012.  After eight years and several millions of dollars later he made the solo excursion to the bottom in less than three minutes in the custom made Deepsea Challenger Submarine.  Cameron is only the third person to visit the bottom of the trench in the last 52 years.  His decent was near 7 miles deep, a whopping 35,756 feet straight down.  Finally, Cameron has captured the first visible images of the deepest point on earth and is currently editing the video to release a full length 3D movie.  How amazing is that?  You can learn for about this historic event at

Citizen Watch – Limited Edition Eli Watch

Eli Manning Watch available in two styles the strap model and bracelet model.  The strap model made out of Polyurethane to produce a nice round band and the bracelet model made of stainless steel.  Both have embedded a non-reflective Sapphire Glass and are water resistant to 200M/ 666 ft.  The Eli Manning watches are limited edition meaning they only created certain amount (1000 of each) for a certain amount of time (till those 1000 were sold out).   You can still buy the watches if you look around carefully; sometimes on eBay or amazon.  Here is a link to both watches for more information –

PADI 5 Point Ascending Instructions

Most divers signal to their buddy with a thumb up that they have reached the designated time to ascend to the surface.  When the partner comes back with a thumb up then you know it is time to go.  Some beginners think that the thumb up means “OK” but after reading this post if you didn’t, now you know it is the signal to ascend.   Here are PADI’s 5 point safe scuba diving instructions as taught in there open water coarse remember this acronym “STARS” and never forget it.

S- SIGNAL: Give the clear ready to start ascending signal (thumb up hand signal) and receive a confirmation from all divers that they are aware the dive is ending.

T-TIME: Look at the time indicated on your dive computer to make sure the No-decompression limit wasn’t exceeded. If exceeded prepare to make decompression stops at recommended depths and signal to your buddy diver for a confirmation. Time and fully complete your safety stop.

A-AIRWAY: Look up and make sure there’s a direct path to the surface. Search for obstacles (like boats you won’t want to bang your head on).

R-REACH: Extend your arm above your head signaling the okay signal to the boat or fellow divers at the surface and to protect hitting your head on anything that may be above you. Turn around when ascending to keep track of anything behind you.

S- SWIM– Swim very slowly to the surface not using your BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) to ascend unscuba divertil you surface. Once at the surface you may inflate your BCD to help keep you buoyant.

Frogmen- Combat Divers

The U.S. military is a great place to get a start jump start in life.  They will train you to be the best you can be at anything you choose to do.  Take diving for example.  The military has many divers some of which they call armed force divers and others they call Frogmen.  Today, we are going to focus on the Frogmen these guys are trained to scuba dive in a combat situation.  They can often be referred to or know as a combat diverCombat Diver, combatant diver, or combat swimmer.

The training to become a frogman is rigorous; to even start one must be at full armed force fitness and discipline.  From there, it takes several months of full time training and coarse work.  Many do not graduate from diver school.  Combat divers require a very high level of fitness and mental state of mind that most do not possess.

Combat divers have a variety of jobs to choose from some of which are dangerous others are very dangerous.  Some guys can go deploy bombs on submarines like Sabotage work others have a little safer job going to wrecked ships recovering lost items.  There are many combat diver jobs out there waiting to be filled.  Take a leap of faith and be a frogmen not to mention they pay very well.

Competition Vs Recreational Free Diving

Free diving is a form of underwater diving that does not involve the use of scuba gear but relies on the diver’s ability to hold breath.  For many, free diving is done competitively which can often be known as Static Breath Holding.  Free diving is a sport loved by many but the difference between free diving for competition and diving for recreation are tremendous.  Static breath holding one competition form of free diving has a world record of 17 minutes 9 seconds underwater but being a competition and a sport there are rules to sports.  The competitors are aloud 30 of pure oxygen before they make the attempt.  With that said, recreational free divers just dive.  They don’t want fame, fortune, or world records.  Recreational free divers dive, for lack of a better word “Recreation”.  To stay in shape, do what they love, see cool things that’s why recreational divers dive.  Another type of free diving world record called Constant Weight Apnea (apnea meaning holding your breath) was set by William Trubridge diving 100 meters into the deep blue sea.  That’s deep.  There are many types of free diving and various different world records in each type.   Next time you see a new world free dive record set see who set it and what category it was under.

Picking the Right Dive Watch

There are so many different kinds of watches on the market these days and diving watches are no exception. Like diving watchesmost things in life, you get what you pay for when you purchase a new dive watch. When it comes time to pick out your new dive watch, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

The watch face should be easy to read. You can consider ones that glow in the dark or ones that have a light inside of them. Get one with a face that has numbers that are easy for you to read. Some are more artistic than others and can be more challenging to read so always keep that in mind. Also check out digital dive watches which are easier to see. Try on the watch several times on both hands before buying. You want to be sure the wrist strap is comfortable and easy to adjust, even underwater if need be. Some faces can be larger and stick out on your wrist, so be careful that it can’t get snagged or stuck on anything if you choose a larger faced watch.

Rolex brand is well known for luxury watches. They make some of the World’s fanciest dive watches, but be prepared to fork over a pretty penny. Again, you get what you pay for. While most of these types of watches are actually used for looks rather than function, they are still great diving watches with features like a unidirectional diving bezel and waterproofing. Corum brand is another top line watch maker. These can also be expensive but are always beautiful as well as highly functional. They are sturdy watches that never go out of style. Some of the face designs can be harder to read than others so be sure to check out a lot of different styles.

No matter the watch you decide on, be sure you really like it. Take it on some small test dives and play around with the features. Once you find the perfect dive watch, hang on to it and enjoy it for years to come.

The ISO 6425 Standard

While browsing our website, you’ve most likely come across a term called the ISO 6425 Standard. The ISO 6425 standard is set by the International Organization for Standardization, and sets minimum requirements that a diver’s watch must meet before it can be classified as such.

Water Resistance – The most predominant rule in the ISO 6425 standards is water resistance. All watches must have a water resistance of at least 100 meters, or 330 feet. Generally, diver’s watches are made with water resistance between 600 and 1000 feet.

Readability – Above all other elements of the ISO 6425 standards, a diver’s watch must be clearly readable. This includes prevalent minute markings on the face. Additionally, a watch must be readable in total darkness. This is confirmed by holding the watch about 10 inches away from the eye and seeing if it can still be read. Normally, watches pass this standard by illuminating the hands of the watch.

Notice That the Watch is Functioning – It can be difficult to tell if a watch is functioning in dark, deep oceanwater. Obviously, you’re unable to hold it to your ear to listen for a second hand. To overcome this obstacle, manufacturers generally install a well-lit second hand for clear indication of proper watch function to meet ISO 6425 standards.

Unidirectional Bezel – A bezel with minute markings of at least every 5 minutes is required on a diver’s watch that meets ISO 6425 standards. While these are fashionable markings on department store watches, these rotatable bezels allow a diver to time his or her dive and know exactly when it’s time to head back to the surface during a dive.

Chemical Resistance – Normal watches would take a beating in seawater due to the material they’re manufactured from. The chemical resistance test is simply submersing the watch in a saltwater solution that’s similar to the salt levels in oceans around the world for 24 hours. This ISO 6426 standard element tests for true rust resistance in the composite materials of the watch.

Shock Resistance – There are two tests applied by ISO 6425 standards to a watch to make sure it can withstand the force of a hefty blow when underwater. The test lays the watch on its side, while the second is an impact directly on the face of the watch. A hard plastic hammer weighing 3 kilograms is forced on the watch with a velocity of 4.43 meters per second, or nearly 10 miles per hour.ISO 6425 Standard

A Divers Watch in the Making

A Swiss watch manufacture Montres Charmex SA the current world record holders for water resistant diver watches diver watchwith a watch line currently at 6,000 meters is looking to link up with a brand (brand unknown) to put out a Das Boot watch.  Das Boot remains one of the most memorable war movies ever made and creating the Das Boot diver watch would be and instant hit throughout the diving community.  There have been several delays in putting up the website caused by the legal owner and Google.  Suspected to be a mix up between Google’s translation systems converting German to English.  The full range will be released in May 2012, with no prices announced as yet.  There have been rumors that Wolfgang Peterson will revisit his film to insert shots of the new Das Boot diver watches but evidence of that has yet to be found.

Trends and Diver Watches – Part 1



Currently, the trends surrounding diver watches have been hovering around .75 on the google search volume index which is in the norm. for the past 3 years but I believe we will see a bounce up in diver watches trends quite soon.   Throughout 2011 we saw a solid neutral to downtrend stance of diver watches I believe it may be because of many natural disasters we came across that year.  Until, October where the trends of diver watches began to uptrend (Come Up) and start the new year 2012 where I think we will continue to Uptrend.

The future of trends for diver watches can’t go anywhere but up because of so many options the ocean has to offer.  Yes, people do use diving computers and yes those are always evolving too but diver watches are secondary to a divers computer and they will be evolving as well.  After further research upon more trends of diver watches and future prototypes I will be bringing another post on this subject later this year.